Helpful GMC Terrain Interior Features

A popular small-size SUV, the 2018 GMC Terrain features many unique interior options that separate it from previous models. The new-and-improved design gives this car a more comfortable and luxurious feel while enhancing functionality and storage space.

Everyone wants to feel comfortable while driving, and the Terrain provides a leather-wrapped seat, soft-touch materials and optional leather-appointed front seats for a cozy feel. Plus, the electronic precision system lets you shift gears by pressing a switch on the dashboard, freeing up valuable space.

The Terrain also lets you fold down every seat except for the driver's seat, so you can maximize the available storage space to hold luggage and other items. You can independently pick and choose which seats to lower and raise, giving you the ability to personalize your storage space.

When you're ready to see this car's interior in-person, head to Mountain Home Auto Ranch to see why this car receives so much praise.



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