Should You Change Your Differential Fluid?

Proper vehicle maintenance requires automobile owners to check their vehicle's basic components such as belts, tires, hoses and the like on a regular basis in order to correct current problems and to prevent future issues. Owners should also check and change certain fluids, like the oil and the radiator fluids. However, do you know that the differential fluid also needs replacing from time to time?

The differential, located between the drive wheels, serves the purpose of delivering power to the axle between the drive wheels of the vehicle. The gears turn the wheels in varying speeds from each other, which allows for better handling on the road. The differential fluid can deteriorate over time and result in the differential not performing correctly because of the increased heat and friction.

Your vehicle needs the differential to work correctly in order to handle well on the highway. If you are not sure about the condition of your vehicle's differential fluid, come in to our automotive service center in Mountain Home, and we will service your vehicle thoroughly.

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