Guide to Car Engines: What's a Timing Belt?

Many car owners wonder what that whining, chattering sound is in their car engine. Chances are it is a timing belt that has gone bad. Timing belts are integral to your car engine running correctly. This important piece keeps the crankshaft and camshaft turning at just the right velocity to make sure that your car engine works correctly.

Timing belts typically start to go bad at 60,000 miles for older cars, but newer cars have better materials that keep the timing belt running for many miles after 100,000. The best way to check is to pay attention to your engine and listen for any odd noises that sound like constant whine or chatter.

If you do have issues with your timing belt, you can get it replaced and increase your car engine's performance immediately. One of the best service departments in Mountain Home is located at Mountain Home Auto Ranch. These mechanics know what they are talking about when it comes to car engines.

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