Get Free with Kitty Litter, Salt and Sand

Nothing is more frustrating than being stuck in the snow or on the ice and not having any way to get you back to your travels. Did you know that it is a good idea to store sand, salt or kitty litter bags in your trunk so that you can use that material to help free yourself from being stuck?

We here at Mountain Home Auto Ranch want you to know that each option works, but some have added bonuses and hazards. For example, while salt does melt snow it also changes the environment in the soil which can make it harder for plants to grow, so if you are stuck in your driveway near a flowerbed, then salt would not be the best of options.

Sand can also be used but keep in mind that it does not melt snow it just adds traction. Lastly, kitty litter can be used to add traction but it will absorb water and clump up and can refreeze.

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