You Compare Cars Before Buying—What About Your Child's Car Seat?

Parents in the Twin Falls area trust Mountain Home Auto Ranch to help them find the safest Ford, Chevy, Lincoln, GMC, Buick, and Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, and Jeep vehicles for their families. But car seats are critically important to the safety of your child, whether you are driving the safest full-sized SUV in the world, or the frailest subcompact. Normal seat belts are not designed for small children, so properly-fitted restraints are needed to protect them.

Installing the seat and using it, however, are only the last two steps of what should be a carefully considered process.

What kind of car seat do you need? Rear-facing seats are recommended for children up to three years of age, or until they outgrow the weight limits. How heavy is your child? Do you want to buy a new front-facing seat when they are old enough, or are you looking for a single convertible seat to take through their entire childhood? What are the best brands of car seat?

Just like there are websites to help you compare vehicle models, there are also trusted resources for comparing child safety seats. Try out the NHTSA's Car Seat Finder to see how different child seats rate in ease-of-use, height and weight limits, and more.

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